MEIGO Magnetic Blocks Review

When I was in my adolescent years my parents didn’t have much money to buy me or my siblings all the toys we wanted. Instead they would buy toys or puzzles that boosted our knowledge which helped us learn and prepare us for our futures. Now I think back and I am so thankful they did that and as cliche as it may sound, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for them. Before I begin this review I would love to thank the staff over at MEGIO for sending me this product to review. Please note all opinions and feedback are 100% my own.


First, I want to begin with the packaging of this product. The box itself is very a beautiful pistachio color with different block designs your child can build. Along comes a reddish soft material bag with the MEIGO log on the front to store your blocks in which is very cute. I love that idea. You know kids now and days can also learn how to put things away rather than leave their toys laying around. Great idea MEIGO staff!

The following is a more in detail about the block learning toy:

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– 51 Pieces Magnetic Set: The stacking blocks for preschool learning include 18*Square, 16*Triangle, 4*Long Triangle, 4*Diamond, 3*Castle Wall, 2*Trapezoid, 2*Semicircle, 2*Hexagon, 1* Storage Bag, 1*Booklet. Golden ratio for multiple shapes
– Premium Quality: Every magnetic tile is made of durable ABS plastic. Powerful permanent magnet make you fit the magnetic tiles in patterns easily
– Visible Safety: Non-Toxic ABS plastic that surrounds magnet is food graded material. Round edge design without sharpness will not let your kids get hurt
– Diverse Development: This STEM toy set can develop color and shape recognition, creativity and imagination, practical and design ability. Perfect for preschool education
– MEIGO Warranty: 90 days unconditional refund and 12 months guarantee for a new replacement if there is any product quality problem


My nephews both began building things immediately after opening the block box. They were amazed at the many different colors each block had. The many different shapes. Mind you one of them is 6 years old and my other little nephew is 1 1/2 years old, both very very smart. So in my opinion although this is for preschool development at the starting age I think as long as there is an adult watching it is safe for a 1 1/2 year old. Here is the 1 1/2 year old trying to build something (TOP PHOTO) with the booklet that also comes along with the MEIGO Magnetic Blocks package. The book includes so many great ideas to build things using the magnetic blocks very cool add on.

Here in the top photo is my 6 year old nephew building a house with different color blocks. They had so much fun doing this.

Final thought! Very well worth it. It is very versatile nothing difficult about this toy. The kids enjoy it very much trying to build different things with different shapes and colors. This allows them to use their imaginations. Again I honestly believe as long as there is an adult present this can be used by a 1 1/2 year old, but then again everyone will have different opinions. Love that they are all magnetic blocks. It makes things so much more fun to play with. Learning at a young age is so important in my opinion, Like i mentioned in the beginning learning toys are so worth it. Even though some parents are not able to buy their children the toys they want learning toys will prepare your child for their future. FACT: I am now a law enforcement officer who LOVES mysteries and putting puzzles together to solve crime, I wonder why! LOL.