Investing: Quick Start Guide Book Review

Investing. What is investing anyways? How do I start investing? All of these questions can be answered right here in this book, Investing: Quick Start Guide.

I remember when I first had this conversation with my husband and of course we headed to Google for some answers, but even then there were too many which made things complicated to understand. I want to thank the staff over at ClydeBank Media for sending us this awesome book packed with so much great content on investing. All opinions are always 100% my own.

Let us dig in.

This book is a quick start guide on investing. The only book written by a CFP Practitioner with more than 30 years of experience. You will learn everything you need to know before you make your first trade. You will also come across information about how to take advantage of opportunities in the market without relying on guesswork. Oh, this has to be my favorite part, how to discipline approaches to invest on an early retirement and financial freedom, among other great information this book provides for their readers.

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This guide provides useful information using images to show readers different examples of mutual fund listings. They used Google (with permission) to set an example for better understanding. Another interesting fact that I loved about this book was the examples they use for their readers to understand, investment. I don’t know about you, but when a book provides numerous of “examples” I learn so much better and it also helps me understand what I am reading.

I loved the fact that this guide provided the 3 biggest mistakes investors make. For a rookie like myself I appreciate this kind of information. Who wants to make mistakes with investing while starting off? Their chapter recaps was another thing I liked about this guide. It was like a memory refresher of what you just read and the topics that were covered. Although, I haven’t yet completed this book every night I look forward to reading a chapter. This guide is one of my favorites at the moment. The amounts of information it provides for readers is amazing. I cannot wait to start investing myself. I honestly think that at age 30 is not too late, I hope.

If I can give this book 11 stars I would. In my honest opinion this book is definitely worth your buck. I am so thankful for this book. So much information about investing. If you or know someone who is looking into investing and has no clue on the whats or hows this book would be their favorite gift from you, I promise!

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