FUNUS Big Water Bottle Review

Hi there and welcome back to my blog, Valerie here with another awesome review that will make YOU smile!!

Before I begin this review I would like to thank the staff over at FUNUS for sending me this amazing 2.2 L water bottle. This is such an honor to have in my hands. I am a gym rat, if you didn’t already know, who loves to carry her water jug everywhere she goes. But enough with that let us get right into this review.

Let me start off first with the product description:

This bottle is available on amazon. If you would like to purchase this amazing bottle go here to AMAZON to check it out now!

Compared with traditional water jug, we made FUNUS from 170g to 200g, Stronger and more durable than before! But still lightweight as usual. FUNUS water bottle can be used at anytime, anywhere. Wherever you are, you can keep hydrate with 2.2L Water Bottle! Camping, hiking, climbing, travel, yoga, home oroffice, you don’t need to get up for refills constantly. PRODUCT NAME:Funus water jug BRAND:Funus MEASUREMENT:13*27cm/5.1*10.6inch MATERIAL: Food grade PETG FEATURES: 1. We suggest you to wash it before first use. fill in the liquids below 50℃,not dishwasher safe ,don’t leave in car on a hot day. 2. We made it from 170g to 200g, Stronger and more durable than before! But still lightweight as usual. Not easy to be damaged after falling. But the water bottle is too big to bear falling, please be noted. 3. 2.2L super big capacity which can replenish the moisture loss after you do exercise. 4. Made of food grade plastic material, 100% BPA free, non toxic and odorless, good for health. 5. Multiples colors to choose, make you individuality and style in gyms. Even you forget it somewhere it is so easy to spot. 6. Lid with silicone seal, patented design, 100% leak proof guarantee even you shaker it vigorously! 7. One-Step flip Cap like shaker bottle lid, make it very easy to drink. Handle design, uses human mechanics, which bring you a good hand feelings when grasp it. 8.The wide mouth is large enough opening to add ice cubes, and you can also put some fruits in it. 9.Can be used almost at anytime, anywhere. Camping, hiking, climbing, travel,yoga, home or office, you don’t need to get up for refills constantly. PACKAGE INCLUDE: 1X 2.2L Gaint Water bottle 1X OPP bag

So here it is. I LOVE THIS BOTTLE HANDS DOWN. In the past I had bought a gallon bottle from a company I will not mention. I paid over 30 bucks for it. I kid you not it cracked like in the one month that I had that bottle. After that incident I decided I was no longer going to spend a buck ever on gallons of water so I began carrying around the store bought plastic water gallons. When the staff over at FUNUS sent me this bottle to review. I had to carry it around for about a week until I was able to have well thought out feedback. I took it to work, to the gym, took it with me to run errands and so forth. Never encountered an issue, it never cracked. The color is still there no chipping what so ever. Easy to wash and clean the outside. The color is very pretty to mention. There is also a material handle you can hold on to if you decide to carry the bottle that way. Everything about this gallon bottle is just perfect for me. It doesn’t take up so much room like other gallons. Another thing I do love about the company is that they have a variety of different colors to chose from. This matte purple is everything. I can only imagine the other colors available. It is 100% BPA free non toxic and odorless. This is the perfect bottle to carry with you everywhere and on the go.


My rating for this is a solid 10/10 stars. SAY NO MORE. My favorite bottle. I also want to mention that all opinions are 100% my own. I was not paid to say any of the above. Thanks for stopping by and hope to catch you soon! Until next time.

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