Keto Diet & Pregnancy #fitness

So, I have recently started a new diet approach in my life recently, Keto. Why? Here’s why I decided to do this.

Many of you have already heard about this diet already as it is the new millennial thing and many are jumping on this band wagon including myself. If you don’t already know I used to compete in the NPC bikini division. I was used to consuming 6 small meals throughout the day to keep my metabolism going. I then decided to hang the heels and get my body back to “normal” and ready for pregnancy. I wanted to adapt to a 3 meals a day snack in between lifestyle and the keto diet seemed to be a legit diet for me to get used to. Today marks day 4 being on this keto diet. It’s been really hard for me knowing I am so used to eating 6xs a day and a huge carb eater. Last night, I told my husband I couldn’t do this anymore. I gave in and had a cream cheese with peanut butter sandwich. Went over my calorie intake lol. But guess what, you keep going and reset that button the next day right and you change that mind set. I truly believe no diet is ever going to be easy. We will all go through trial and error. Change is always good, but only if you want it right? One major change I did notice this morning when I woke up was my weight. 5 days ago I was at 138 lbs and this morning I was at 133 lbs. My bloating has gone and my hunger is getting better and better everyday. I don’t crave carbs like I used to instead I look for fatty foods now. I do however feel extremely tired and sleep all day. This is normal from what I have been told. Next week I will be posting pictures from my progress and share more content of what I eat and the exercises I have been doing as well as cardio. Until next time!

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