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Weight loss. The biggest most challenging thing to do is to lose weight. We all want to look super lean and fit all year round. We all wish food didn’t taste so good that at times we find ourselves over stuffed and bloated from those 10 tacos you couldn’t put down. I’ve been there myself trust me. My journey to the stage for my last show started in December 2017. My before photo is shown above in the red bikini. It took about 23 weeks to look what we call, “stage ready” and not even counting pulling water and leaning out even more the last couple of days/hours/seconds before hitting the stage.


How do you do it? What does it take? Honestly, I have been on this wagon for too long. I get asked left and right if I can help with meal plans and workout programs. Do I have the time to train others one on one, not at the time. Do I still help others reach their goals? Of course I do. I know what it takes to meet your goals. Everyone is different every progress is different. I had a slow progress which is why I personally decided to take a 23 week training prep to enjoy the process and see how my body worked at a slow pace.


I decided to share these 2 photos above to prove to you my readers that the journey is real. The dedication and determination in YOU is there. You need to have the will to do things others won’t do and the biggest challenge of them all is the diet. You need to learn to say, NO and walk away from that over loaded sugar doughnut your co worker was offering you. It’s easy to trick your mind into thinking these things. To help you stay on the right path. I did it and so can you. Take some time to ask yourself if this journey is for you. Until next time!


*If you or anyone who needs help with reaching their goals, weight loss or weight gain please feel free to contact me*

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