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What is meal planning and what does it take? Reality is meal planning means exactly how you read it and what it takes is DEDICATION, TIME & KNOWLEDGE. I’ve been strict dieting for over 3 years and have realized meal planning takes up a LOT of your time. To write a list of what you need to prepping the food itself and cooking your food whether it be for a couple days (which I would only recommend is 2 days worth of food) or if its for the rest of your evening or for the next day. No matter what you need time! I used to spend at least 2 hours when I first started meal prepping. As I got better I narrowed my time down to at least 30-45 minutes sometimes even 20 minutes. I personally only meal prep for the next work day. My preference to each their own, right?


Today I ran into my co worker at the gym. Has been working out for as long as I can remember. Always eating healthy and staying away from “junk” foods. We were talking about life and of course her fitness goals. For the first time in a long time she asked if I was able to help her with her goals. Without hesitation I gladly accepted the offer. Sometimes I will do things for friends that I won’t do for others, like free of charge lol. I kept my promise to help her with a meal plan according to her goals, gaining muscle while losing weight. For females gaining muscle takes time. It takes dedication and knowing what foods/proteins will help YOU and only YOU. I came home, took my shower and right away grabbed my work book and my laptop. Took me about a good hour to come up with her meal plan. I didn’t mind taking this hour out of my day off from work to help a co worker/friend out. Because like I mentioned earlier, sometimes I will do things for friends that I won’t do for others.


Meal planning can be frustrating at times I know because I’ve been through it many many times. Having 6 shows under my belt meal planning became part of my daily routine. You have to also know what you’re doing and how to do it. Your goals, how bad you want to reach your goal and if you are really dedicated to this lifestyle. Until next time!


*If you or anyone you know needs someone knowledgeable and needs help with their weight loss goals or any fitness goals please feel free and more than welcomed to email me.*

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